Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung (a.k.a. Huang Feihung) is a well know martial artist from the Republic of China. Wong was born in 1847 and died 76 years later in 1924. During his life, Wong was known both as a medical practitioner and therapist, but he also was well-versed in the art of Hung Gar, which is a Chinese martial art. The Hung Gar style is usually associated with low stances and quick, powerful hands. Wong became well-known amongst the people of Guangdong (his hometown) as the head master of the Hung Gar form of martial arts. Due to his standing within the Guangdong community, Wong was asked to teach the local military and militia the fundamentals of martial arts while also serving as a medical liaison for injured/wounded soldiers. Several martial arts moves that are still taught to students today were said to be mastered by Wong throughout the course of his life. The "Hung Fist" and "Shadowless Kick" were just two of the skills that made Wong such a sought after martial arts teacher. Wong also was well known as a skilled wielder of the staff, which made his reputation amongst the Guangdongese even more reviled. After his death, Wong's life was celebrated through a 20-year series of movies that portrayed Wong as THE preeminent martial arts master. The films, which numbered just under 100, were made in Hong Kong and, for the most part, stayed domesticated within the country. There are many martial artists still alive today who credit Wong Fei Hung with their knowledge and the way they personally teach their own students. Wong is a widely revered human being in the science of martial arts, and his legacy has lived on through numerous print and electronic media sources.