Kung Fu Sportswear

Kung Fu is normally understood as o­ne of many fighting styles that have developed over many centuries. The variety of fighting styles found under the general “martial arts” category are categorized according to “families.” Specific animal movements are mimicked by the martial artist, and much of the training method is inspired by various myths and philosophies. Certain styles hope to attain elements of qi, while additional styles are focused o­n improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Moreover, further classification occurs based o­n regions, e.g. northern and southern. Each style of fighting offers a unique feature that aids in self-defense and the improvement of o­ne’s personal health.

Much of the training in Kung Fu consists of a variety of poses, stances, meditation, and weapon work. The basics are essential to the training, as a student will be unable to improve without engaging in them o­n a daily basis. Strong muscles, the proper stature, and movements are fundamental to performing martial arts in the right way. The stances in Kung Fu are designed to allow a firm foundation to the fighter’s base stance. The meditation is also a necessary part to the basic training, as it used to improve focus and clarity, fundamental to any of the martial arts.

Currently, forms are known to be a very important aspect to the martial arts, but when it comes to combat training, drilling and sparring are the necessary means in carrying out the practice. By working o­n forms, o­ne’s strength, stamina, and overall physicality is improved greatly. In addition, some forms utilize weaponry, which can improve flow, strength, and coordination.

As far as Kung Fu apparel is concerned, traditional suits can come in a variety of styles and colors, specifically purple and white satin, gold dragon embroidered, and black linen; these are o­nly some of the extensive variety of styles. When practicing the art of King Fu, it is essential to have comfortable apparel to allow for graceful and assertive movements, so it is important to sample the array of styles in order to discover o­ne’s personal, unique fit.